Reblogged: Coastal charm of Vishakapatnam

An exceptionally vivid and wonderful portrayal of Vizag. The first post I’m reblogging!


svetlana baghawan maverickbirdI nearly ran out of cash the day I resumed driving towards Vishakapatnam/Vizag. Araku town had only 1 ATM and that day, it was out of order. It would have been too embarrassing if I had followed my heart and stayed back, instead of continuing further. Araku and Tyda both offered a lot of accommodation choices like cottages, home stays, resorts and campsites, but none accepted plastic money. So I drove quickly after realizing my diminishing fund, went up and down hills and valleys (4500-3000 feet) and finally entered the plains. Coconut and date palms took over the wet looking muggy skyline and grass huts of villagers lay scattered across the plains. Women bended low over their fields, cleaned rice in front of their homes and wove multitudes of bamboo baskets. Water buffaloes sauntered past in proud insolence with their scrawny owners at a distance. 

Soon the outskirts of Vishakapatnam arrived and as usual horrendous traffic…

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