Travel inspiration!

Blogging a Post by A Yearful of Sundays and Travels (Reported by The News Minute)

This is so cool. :) Some travel inspiration for a Monday morning that shows that if you really want to travel, you’ll find a way to make it happen!

Vijayan and Mohana own a small tea shop in Kochi and they haven’t let any obstacles, monetary or otherwise, get in the way of their wanderlust! They’ve headed down the Nile in Egypt, trudged through the deserts of UAE, posed for pics on the Swiss Alps, and been lost for words in Israel. They finance their travels through disciplined savings and the occasional loan. Once they’re back on home base, they work for about three years to save some more (or repay the debt) and then take off for the next destination on their bucket list.

Here’s wishing them many, many more travelsome years ahead!

22 thoughts on “Travel inspiration!

  1. Wow… inspiring. Now for us to plan too for travels, this week going for Penambur beach in Bangalore for Indian Surfing Championships. I know I must save now for travel to Orissa next year to Chatrapur to checkout the scene of baby turtles hatching and go to the sea. Nice, I missed on it this year because had no money for it but this tea shop couple have proved that travelling is possible with savings in time for sure.


  2. It’s not for any publicity… They show us how to make dreams come true. Travelling abroad is not only meant for richies, anybody can do it, provided you have a clear vision. Proud to be a Keralite!


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