Remembering Lofoten

I arrived in Norway,
In the fishing village of Å,
to what I imagined were Arctic winds.

They were ruthless
and cut right through to my bone
and yet,
everywhere I looked,
was beauty that thawed my heart.

If I could,
I would fly to Lofoten,
because Norway calls me back.

All alone, at sea, on a cold, cold night

All alone, at sea, on a cold, cold night


My home for a few days – a rorbu in Arctic Norway (Å, Moskenes)

Moored in the land of the Midnight Sun


When the sun comes out


Everything looks cheerier under a bright sun

A bird's eye view of Reine village, but that's a post for another day :)

A bird’s eye view of Reine village, but that’s a post for another day :)

42 thoughts on “Remembering Lofoten

    • Thank you, Alok. :)
      Of the countries I’ve visited in Europe, I love Paris and Prague for the culture, coastal Italy for some stunning sights of the Mediterranean (especially Cinque Terre – one of my favourite holidays). Spain can give you some fantastic experiences, from Gaudi’s memorable buildings to Moroccan-influenced cities in southern Spain, and the weirdest food options! Berlin has a great vibe and so much history around the Wall. And I loved Arctic Norway because it was so rough yet surreal & beautiful. There’s SO much to choose from! You should see how many days you have, and which places you definitely don’t want to miss, and then build an itinerary around it. I’d love to help you plan out something, if you wish. :)

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      • Thank you so much for enlightening. We would probably go for 15 days (planning for next yr for now).

        Europe has always been my favorite; specific countries we are thinking of include Switzerland, Italy, France, Spain, Greece, Austria. Might reach out to you as i get serious about it :)

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  1. Beautiful photos. Since I lived in “the land of the midnight sun” (Yukon, Canada) for nearly 10 years I’m no longer drawn to visit the lands of the far north, not even in the summer :)


  2. Wow.Simply amazing shots.Lovely poem.Norway is on our travel list.A bird’s eye view of Reine village is magical.Waiting for your upcoming post.


    Sriram & Krithiga


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