An Obuda connect

Z-IMG_1773 (Ed)

As the kids connected with one another like links in a chain, I knocked back a few pálinkas and connected with this neighbourhood in Budapest

After a couple of days of walking up, down and among the better known sights of Budapest, I felt like going old-school and borrowed a BIG map from the friendly front desk guys at the Budget Hostel Budapest. Traced my finger along the length of the river Danube and decided to check out what was happening at the farthest end of the map, the part which literally – and I do mean literally – had fallen off the map’s edge, since it’s not counted among the usual areas of interest.

And so I caught a tram and then a train to a small neighbourhood past Óbuda (the oldest part of Budapest), and walked right into a local Community Day where young school kids were all dressed-up to perform Hungarian folk dances, while their families downed pálinkas and cheered. They were nice enough to share some of their pálinkas with me, so I returned the favour by whistling loudly desi style, every time a dance ended. :)

Written in response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Connected”.

15 thoughts on “An Obuda connect

  1. I suppose you visited the church up on the hill overlooking river and main city and walked around those shops where traditional Hungarian attire and craft work is sold. The bombed out remains there are kept as a stark reminder of the war. My wife was born in the old royal city which I still can’t pronounce properly very close to the twin cities of Buda and Pest. They are very proud of Attila as you will have noticed by the huge statue as you’re approaching on the road from Vienna though technically Attila was not a Magyar but had his headquarters in that area apparently according to a book I’ve just read on his life.


  2. The only way to see the real area is to go off like you did. What a delightful experience you had and you felt connected. We had a similar outing yesterday in Prague and in another week, we’ll bein Budapest. 😊


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